Create your next online course the RIGHT way by designing a highly transformational and engaging learning experience 


Creating the curriculum in just a couple of hours

Delivering the learning live with students who show up, interact and take action, blowing up the chat box with excitement and praise

Designing pre-recorded trainings and materials that get just as much engagement and waking up to DMs of people loving your course

Hosting a community of students who respect boundaries and expand one another

Feeling so proud of what you've created because you've complete clarity on your promise and how you deliver it

Picture launching your online course and...

Each week you can submit all of your course and launch materials to me for annotated feedback!


Let's look over how your launch went and plan next steps together!


Let's get together, 1:1 to plan your launch - whether you use a waitlist, an event or just content. We can create it together!


We can have another call to finalise your plans so you can start creating your materials!


We'll jump on a 1:1 to work through your Curriculum planning doc together!


Let's have a call to learn all about you and your course ideas!


Unparalled 1:1 support

EXPAND your income, working LESS hours
whilst impacting MORE people

Support your students throughout the learning experience by creating feedback loops so you can keep them moving and they can give you tons of glowing testimonials

Discover your Launch Energy style so you can create the content needed, at the vital stages of launch in the most energetically aligned way

+ Access professionally designed launch social and email content templates

A transformative curriculum with lessons and materials that are actionable and engaging so you can create it in less time and your students get better results


Course Confident will show you how to


Your Course Design Blueprint can be filled out in under 2 hours, leaving you more time to plan your launch and deliver your amazing program.

You'll also access templates for emails, sales pages and social content to make your launch seamless too!


Templates that will help you start designing straight away

Throughout your 6 months, you'll access a bonus calls with my network of course creation experts.

You'll learn how to optimise your: copy and messaging, social content, systems and automations, selling and launch mindset and more!


Expert Clinics

Bring your content, questions and materials to these calls for bespoke feedback and get moving with your course quickly.

No need to spend hours Googling the answers or posting in Facebook forums to get what you really need.


Weekly Support Calls

So you can learn everything you need to create your transformative course, at your own pace and in the style of learning you prefer!

No hour long video modules here - this is designed to be straight to the point and easy to take action on.


Self-paced video, audio and written modules

A look at what's included



'I've up-levelled my confidence because I now have a clear course outline, modules and lessons. No fluff. I'll be supporting my students without overwhelming them. For once I feel like I actually know what I'm doing!'


'The way you approach your course is absolutely the way I want to offer mine. With actual care and kindness and a desire to make sure my students learn! Thank you for that!'


'I do feel CONFIDENT that I can get this thing done at long last! Woohoo
Vix you are a GENIUS'

Since leaving my job as a teacher in 2018, I've taught over 5000 students across a variety of online programs.

Workshops to 800 people, a membership with over 1200 members and hundreds of people in my courses - you could say I know a fair thing about designing and delivering online learning.

But it wasn't always this way! It took some experiences that left me feeling like I wasn't having the impact I wanted and a high four-figure investment in a program that totally underdelivered, for me to realise a huge problem in the world of online course creation is...

Hey, I'm Vix!

2% of online courses are completed and trust in course creators is low
it's my mission to change that


Current Investment



Starting From



Yes! Let's do this!

ready to make a move?

incl VAT

incl VAT


"This hasn't just inspired the way I want to share and teach my content, it's given me a whole new way to think about how I can frame, format and offer my skills and knowledge. 

Vix is an awesome teacher - to the point, full of wisdom, friendly, supportive and funny - she translates theory in a way that just makes sense. 

The course was truly outstanding value and is one of the best investments I've made in myself and my business."

student love

We've had language experts, gardeners, AirBnb hosts, picture book writers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, mindset coaches and many more different niches go through Course Confident and come out with a course launched and enrolling students!

So YES it'll work for your niche!

You can access the course materials and support calls for 6 months after you enroll

Most of our students work through the materials in just a few hours, create their course in under 2 hours and use the rest of the weekly support calls to assist with launch strategy and mindset

Course Creation Revolution is the introductory mini program that shows you 5 of the core elements of course design with some quick wins you can implement right away

Course Confident will walk you through the entire course creation process and give you 1:1 feedback on your ideas and materials from Vix as well as weekly support and access to guest experts and templates

99% of courses on how to create courses only teach you how to:

A) Pile your knowledge together and transmit it to your students (this isn't learning and this is exactly why course completion rates are so low

B) Launch the course and market it

Course Confident teaches you how to properly create an engaging learning experience

There is no other course creation program that offers the level of support that's inside Course Confident.

Every Wednesday, Vix will look at your Course Design document and deliver you bespoke feedback either via video message or annotations

Plus you can jump on a Weekly Call to ask her your questions directly

Replays for these calls are immediately available if you can't make one

The course hub has been designed inside of Notion so you access all of the captioned video lessons, written materials and templates inside there.

Then the weekly support calls and Expert Clinics will take place inside of Zoom!

Haven't used Notion before? Don't worry, Vix will give you a tour once you're inside.

I'd love to answer any question you have about whether Course Confident is the right fit for you.

Drop me an email - or DM me on Instagram - @vixmeldrew

Select your question and scroll down to see the answer!

frequently asked Questions

Work through the modules, design your Course using my template and submit it to me for feedback within the first 30 days

If you're still not feeling Confident in your Course, you'll get your money back

You WILL have a Course you're Confident in

there's no risk


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